About Us

Right in the middle of Women's History Month, The Bad B*tch Revolution Comedy Fest is a week long celebration of the baddest voices in comedy.  Its purpose is to spotlight the incredible talent of the many female and LGBTQ+ comedians, who may sometimes be overlooked in mainstream clubs & festivals, and to create a fun, uplifting, inspiring environment for comics and audience members alike! The entertainment industry can be tough, but it's much more fun when we joke together!

The Bad B*tch Revolution Comedy Fest is  all about empowerment and fierce, unapologetic fun!  We guarantee a night of entertainment and hilarity, no matter who you are or which show you attend. Every night will end at the legendary The Creek and the Cave. You'll be able to catch your favorite comedians right in the heart of Long Island City.

Let's embrace our freedom to express ourselves the way we know best-- through laughter!

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Stay Bad!

-The Bad Bitch Revolution